Spinners, Weavers and Radicals – The Life of Donald MacDonald (1795-1879)

In an earlier post I touched upon the origins of the MacDonalds as a family from Skye. I also explained that at some point in the late 18th century my MacDonald family moved from the Hebrides to Renfrewshire. That story focused primarily on my 5x Great Grandfather Alexander MacDonald but I would like to continue the story of... Continue Reading →

Skye’s Blood Soaked Locations – The MacDonald-MacLeod Feud

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are stereotypically known for their bitter Clan feuds. One of the most infamous of these long running wars was the conflict between the MacLeods and the MacDonalds. The feud lasted hundreds of years and only ended when the Scottish crown stepped in to forcibly end the conflict. I don't plan... Continue Reading →

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