Marshal Étienne Jacques MacDonald of France – Tour of Scotland in 1825

Étienne Jacques MacDonald was one of France's foremost military commanders and he was present at many of the most important military and political moments of the Revolutionary, Napoleonic and Restoration periods of French history. MacDonald was the son of an exiled North Uist Jacobite who had helped Charles Edward Stuart escape from Scotland and I previously blogged about his largely... Continue Reading →

Spinners, Weavers and Radicals – The Life of Donald MacDonald (1795-1879)

In an earlier post I touched upon the origins of the MacDonalds as a family from Skye. I also explained that at some point in the late 18th century my MacDonald family moved from the Hebrides to Renfrewshire. That story focused primarily on my 5x Great Grandfather Alexander MacDonald but I would like to continue the story of... Continue Reading →

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