A Review of AncestryDNA

Around six years ago I took a DNA test to determine my genetic ancestry through the company Ethnoancestry. Overall it was a pretty lousy experience as shortly after sending my sample to the company they underwent a restructuring that meant the service I paid for could no longer be honoured. I was eventually given a... Continue Reading →

Alasdair MacColla and Scotland’s Forgotten Gaelic History

As a nation, Scotland projects a particular image of itself out into the world. It's an image that tells of a nation steeped in history, of a 'proud people' who are intimately connected to their culture and heritage. Yet the irony is that although our nation defines itself with tartan, bagpipes and clans, we remain painfully ignorant of our Gaelic heritage and... Continue Reading →

Marshal Étienne Jacques MacDonald of France (1765-1814)

Scottish emigres have always figured prominently as military leaders on the European stage, particularly from the 17th to 19th centuries. At the height of the golden age of Sweden, when the Swedish Empire under Gustavus Adolphus was the preeminent military power in Europe, almost 40,000 Scots were serving in the Swedish Army. Scottish soldiers served faithfully, and the Swedish King could count on... Continue Reading →

The MacDonald Family in 5 Signatures

A selection of signatures from my MacDonald ancestors, all of which are self explanatory. By way of background information, Donald McDonald (1795-1879) is recorded on a poor law record of 1851 as being unable to work in his profession as a cotton spinner in consequence of bad eye sight. This may go some way to explaining why he... Continue Reading →

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