John Galt and the Illegal Destruction of Public Statues

In 1823 John Galt published a novel titled Ringan Gilhaize, which charts the fortunes of the fictional Gilhazie (or Gillies) family over three generations from Scottish Protestant reformers to persecuted Covenanters. It's undoubtedly a neglected masterpiece and it begins with the adventures of Michael Gilhaize, the progenitor of the family so far as the story... Continue Reading →

New Laws Are Required to Protect Scotland’s Historic Battlefields

Earlier this year my small branch of the clan packed its bags and headed to Skye for a holiday. On the way through Fort William we stopped off at Inverlochy to see the battlefield given that I had passed it many times before without taking the time to explore the site. When we arrived I... Continue Reading →

The Unlikely Collision of Politics and Genealogy

I generally like to keep politics away from this blog and focus exclusively on Scottish history and genealogy. However, an interesting coincidence happened to me during the independence referendum campaign that was simply too good not to mention. As some of my subscribers already know, I campaigned in favour of Scottish independence in Thursday's referendum. In the... Continue Reading →

The Sanctification of World War One

Before our eyes we are seeing the gradual transformation of a historic event into a religious ritual. The striking sanctification of World War One is a phenomenon that not only makes me feel uncomfortable, it also makes me feel completely out of touch with the accepted public view on the subject. In some sense we shouldn't be surprised... Continue Reading →

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