A Letter from my Great-Great Grandmother

As any family historian will know, so much of our research is taken up with dates and records, numbers and addresses. The further we go into the past the more people we are able to include on the family tree, but it becomes progressively more difficult to get a sense of their character or personality.... Continue Reading →

The Craignish Men of Argyll’s 1685 Uprising

The mid-17th century was a tumultuous period in the history of Scotland. Between 1639 and 1651 Scottish soldiers participated in the Bishops' Wars, the Scottish Civil War, the Irish Confederate Wars and a series of English Civil Wars. These complex and interwoven conflicts ultimately led to the execution of Charles I, the establishment of a... Continue Reading →

A Review of AncestryDNA

Around six years ago I took a DNA test to determine my genetic ancestry through the company Ethnoancestry. Overall it was a pretty lousy experience as shortly after sending my sample to the company they underwent a restructuring that meant the service I paid for could no longer be honoured. I was eventually given a... Continue Reading →

The Loch Indaal Tragedy of 1879

Over the centuries nearly every coastal town and island community in Scotland has experienced a loss of life as a result of a maritime tragedy. We can read about Scottish history from the ancient times right up until the present day and find stories of shipwrecks, drownings and of lucky survivors. Some of these events... Continue Reading →

Demolished Heritage

One of the things I enjoy most about genealogy is being able to visit places associated with my family and to know that I am standing on the very spot that they once stood. I'm aware that some people don't understand the appeal of this, but we family historians often afford ourselves these moments of sentimentality and reflection. Genealogy is ultimately a... Continue Reading →

Stirling John Rogerson and the 59th Battalion AIF

My Step-Dad's family are about as quintessentially Australian as you can get - they play cricket, love their footy and speak with the rhyming slang of the Aussie accent. During the process of researching a little about this Australian branch of the family, I was to discover that their Australian credentials are actually deeper and much more important than... Continue Reading →

The Unlikely Collision of Politics and Genealogy

I generally like to keep politics away from this blog and focus exclusively on Scottish history and genealogy. However, an interesting coincidence happened to me during the independence referendum campaign that was simply too good not to mention. As some of my subscribers already know, I campaigned in favour of Scottish independence in Thursday's referendum. In the... Continue Reading →

New Tools for Old Places

The family historians of 2014 are spoilt for choice when it comes to being able to present the information that they have collected. We have so many options open to us in presenting our work in an engaging, interesting and more easily consumable way. A great example of this is using Google Maps as a tool... Continue Reading →

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