John Galt and the Illegal Destruction of Public Statues

In 1823 John Galt published a novel titled Ringan Gilhaize, which charts the fortunes of the fictional Gilhazie (or Gillies) family over three generations from Scottish Protestant reformers to persecuted Covenanters. It's undoubtedly a neglected masterpiece and it begins with the adventures of Michael Gilhaize, the progenitor of the family so far as the story... Continue Reading →

Sandy Stoddart’s Monument to the Wars of Independence

It is widely accepted, although not universally agreed, that William Wallace was born in the town of Elderslie in Renfrewshire. Any town across the world would welcome such a unique historical connection but in the West of Scotland it sometimes feels like we quietly acknowledge our connection to Wallace, rather than actively celebrating it. I... Continue Reading →

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