McLarty of Greenock’s Melbournian Fortune

In 1899 an article appeared in the Greenock Telegraph about an unnamed “aspiring journalist” who went in search of a man rumoured to have inherited a fortune. He was armed only with the information that the supposed inheritor was a man named John McLarty and that he was from Greenock. The journalist had reason to... Continue Reading →

Researching Our Family’s Oldest Photograph

I was recently gifted a large collection of historic family photographs thanks to the generosity of a not-too-distant relative. The collection consists of 37 photographs and covers over a century of family history, providing me with a precious insight into two branches of the family, the MacDonalds of Springburn and MacPhersons of Anderston. Any committed... Continue Reading →

The Greenock Skirmish of 1685

For a brief moment on the 3rd of June 1685, Greenock became the centre of an armed rebellion to overthrow the reigning monarch of Scotland, England and Ireland, James II. James had been on the throne for less than two months when his nephew, James Scott, the Duke of Monmouth, decided to launch a rebellion... Continue Reading →

The Craignish Men of Argyll’s 1685 Uprising

The mid-17th century was a tumultuous period in the history of Scotland. Between 1639 and 1651 Scottish soldiers participated in the Bishops' Wars, the Scottish Civil War, the Irish Confederate Wars and a series of English Civil Wars. These complex and interwoven conflicts ultimately led to the execution of Charles I, the establishment of a... Continue Reading →

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